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I started using CinetPay in September 2018 and I think I have found the right online payment solution for my institute in that with my POS there are no more cash flow issues for me. I can see an instant overview of all my transactions on an easy to use dashboard

Father Doué Oula Leopold

Manuela Catholic Institute, Founder

We collaborate with our customers to create revolutionary products

CinetPay is the payment platform with the most advanced continuous improvements.

We offer our customers unique and comprehensive products tailored to their needs.


CoinAfrica operates on a business model in which payments play an essential role. Advertisers buy advertising space on the platform to sell their products and services to a large customer base.

The shopping cart abandonment rate was very high on the Coin Afrique platform. And the only payment methods available on their platform were credit card payments, which greatly limited transactions, and advertisers complained about delivery drivers who did not often return with the day's receipts.

CoinAfrique needed a partner that could accelerate its growth in Africa.

After reading positive reviews about CinetPay's ease of use, simple integration and 24-hour payout service, CoinAfrique took the plunge and turned to CinetPay.


With CinetPay, CoinAfrique was able to quickly add mobile money, wallet and credit card payment methods to their classifieds platform. As a multinational company, they were able to integrate payment methods available in 10 French-speaking African countries.   Now, they can collect payments safely by mobile money in 10 countries in Francophone Africa and in the world. Today, CoinAfrique has over 150,000 active members in 16 African countries.

By partnering with CinetPay and opting for an integrated and simplified payment experience, CoinAfrique has improved its conversion rate. In addition, CoinAfrica can request the return of its funds in as little as 24 hours...

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